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A Bit of A Weird Problem - Dennis Thompson Where Are Yo...

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OK, not sure if this is a time issue or location issue, or just what. I just did a flight in the Lear from Quebec City (CYQB) to Kitchener (CYKF), Canada. The flight started at 19:30 EDT (23:30 GMT). I went direct Ottawa VORTAC (YOW), direct Simcoe (YSO), direct Kitchener (YKF) at FL350. I had a beautiful sunset going as I passed north of Montreal and was heading towards Ottawa. All of a sudden, my screen went blank, then the textures/scenery were all read in again just as it does when you are first loading up the sim (after you've selected your flight and all, and you see the progress bar advance as it loads), then it came back up - night! A starry sky, no sign of the sunset at all, just complete night. Lights on the ground, clouds below, etc., but now it was suddenly dark. I noted the time was showing 20:15 EDT. I'm not sure if it took a jump or not, but it might have as it passed 20:00 (00:00 GMT). It looked like a similar thing to that which I used to see in FS2002 where if you hit midnight GMT in it, the sim would freeze/lock up. This time it didn't lock up, but gave me a major switch in daylight, as though GMT jumped by an hour or so. Unfortunately I didn't look at the GMT clock but just read the time on the chrono in the cockpit. Then, about 15 minutes later, I got the same thing - screen going blank, progress bar comes up again and reads everything in, the wham, I'm back with my sunset almost where I left off before, but noticeably darker (time obviously has progressed). The local time read 20:29, and this time I thought to check the GMT under Time and Date, and it was correct at 00:29. I use Flight Time in my setup rather than sim time. If anyone would care to do some tests, trying flying in your favourite area at a time from 1/2 hour before midnight GMT to 1/2 hour after midnight GMT (note this has to be your local time, but the passage through midnight is GMT time, not local), I'd be interested to see the results. Man, if this IS a time bug similar to FS2002 (and FS2000 before that), and one of our 3rd party add-on guys (Dennis Thompson) can fix this, why can't MS??? That is, of course, IF this is the same problem we have seen in the past. By the by, there are no time zone changes between CYQB and CYKF in real life, but MS might interpret there as being one.Thanks, feedback appreciated.Glenn

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