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Runway Request

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I have not been able to request a "Different" runway for departure. ATC will only give me the runway most aligned into the wind even though it might be shorter.Last night, I tried to depart KCYS (Cheyenne Wyoming) runway 8 9200x150 but the controller put us on runway 12 which is only 6691 x 150. With an airport elevation of 6156 MSL and the outside temp at +26C, the only way I got airborne was to over temp the engines. My N1 was only around 74-76% due to the temp.The only thing I have found so far in FS2004 read files is that you must request the alternate runway prior to the ATC clearance being given. (Makes sense) I have been able to do this on landing clearances with no problem. How do I request a different runway for departures on an IFR clearance once the flight has been started? I think we can still force a requested runway when we build the flight plan but that would mean we already know what the weather is going to be before it is downloaded from Jepp. We all know that that what we read on the current Metars is not what you are going to get through Jepp.I know, some will say that I could have left fuel out of the tanks or passengers in the terminal (737-400) but dispatch would have allowed us to depart on runway 8 as the winds were only 130 @11. Also the runway has a 0.4% down hill slope and the terrain to the east is fairly flat. I use to work dispatch and our company DC-9-15Fs had a hard time getting out of that airport with enough fuel to make it to the next stop. Usually the winds were screaming out of the west and the temps were high along with the terrain to the west. We would have to sit and wait for either a wind change and or the temp to come down.Any ideas on how to make FS2004 give you a choice of runways on the ground?Terry

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