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Virtual Memory

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Hi,There are two questions in one here:a) Will this cause a system crash: no, I would not expect that.:( Is it an unusual - yes, a little. The "recommended" figure is just an estimate by the operating system, mainly based on your installed physical memory. Windows has no way of knowing in advance what software you will run, and therefore how much virtual memory you really need. The "current" is the current size on disk of your swap file. This represents the maximum that you have reached at some point in the past, making the operating system grow your swap file to that size. It seems high, but it depends entirely on what you've been doing. If this is Windows NT / 2000 / XP, you can see the current figure using the simple performance monitor built into the task manager (ctrl-alt-del and choose task manager - you may then need to select the columns displayed from the view menu.) Cheers,Nick.

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