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Mach-1 KIAH Scenery Afacd

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Bump! I tried......I made one that utilized the 15R takeoffs and the other parallel runway landings....but when traffic would land on those runways, ATC would tell them to caution traffic taking off 15R, so if there was a big line, they would sit there forever....and also traffic that landed runway 9 would just sit there and move.........I wish there was an AFCAD to utilize traffic to takeoff 15R/33L 15L/33R simultaneously like in real life at KIAH......I live out here near KIAH and have flown out several times.............try getting ahold of Jim Vile.......he made a great AFCAD for the default scenery KIAH, but then I asked him to try and apply that technique to this Mach1 scenery he never really got back with me..............:(

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Guest Arniepie

The crosswind runway technique is good for some airports but I prefer to just split up the AFCADS into multiple parts on busy airports with 3 runways or more that I use frequently.Eg on KDEN (Imagine Simulation) and KATL I split the AFCAD in 3 parts (KDEN ,DEN1, DEN2 an KATL, ATL1, ATL2),I delete every parking position I do not use, I don't delete but close all non used runway and taxiways, see to it that there are as little as possible overlapping taxiways in use between the different AFCAD's and make sure that the nodes on the Runway's are slightly different positioned in each AFCAD (to prevent AI traffic jumping from one to another AFCAD while exiting the runway after landing)Also I divide the comm frequencies between the different AFCAD's keeping the original names every time, also keeping the same tower locations and airport coordinates for every different AFCAD .Most companies that fly irregular or with a low frequency to the airports stay on the KATL part, DELTA and AIRTRAN are on ATL1 (with the correct terminal for DAL and AIRTRAN), CARGO and Delta connection are on ATL2 .Now all that needs to be done is Change the traffic files for DELTA, Delta connection , AIRTRAN and the respective CARGO providers (look them up through WIKIPEDIA ATLANTA airport to get an idea which&how many there are), the rest of the files all stay the same.For using SID's and STARS with PMDG , I just copy the KATL twice files and change all respective KATL references to ATL1 and 2 and offcourse also the file name, For PSS I change the PSSxxx files (with notepad) in the Navdata folder for every respective new AFCAD I make respecting the order (alphabetically);For Feelthere planes I edit the NavData base FTD- files , they can also be opened with notepad and adjusted just like the other files (duplicating airport entries while changing from KATL--> ATL1, ATL2 etc...., you get the idea.Up until now I've already done KDEN , KATL and KDFW all in 3 parts, EBBR, EHAM, KBOS, KLAS, KMEM , KMSP and YSSY in 2 parts, no problems that cannot be solved by a little tweaking, very fluid traffic on the Airport, full parking bays, all runways in use and very little, if any at all , go arounds, I love it.Also puts to bed the idea that you cannot get multiple AFCAD's for one airport in the same folder, no CTD or anything similar up until now.It sure is a laborious project but if you think of it , some airports you use so much that it certainly is worth the effort.

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