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Have you ever tried this ? VATSIM flying

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Guest arb65912

Hello,My name is Andrzej.I am X-Plane user and dedicated VATSIM pilot.Just in case someone was not familiar with VATSIM.....VATSIM is international on-line flying community where Air Traffic Controllers are real people and you fly using real weather. I believe that this is the closest one can get as far as simulating real life flying.Since getting started flying on VATSIM is not very easy because of very extensive learning material posted on their website,I decided to help many people like me who want so bad to try this great experience but give up after looking at the learning material.Believe it or not , I also gave up, I connected to VATSIM, I was totally lost, did not know what to do and what to say....I just sat there for a while overwhelmed with phraseology and pilots interactions with Air Traffic Controllers and ...I disconnected.But since you get bitten by a VATSIM bug, you can not just give up ... few weeks later I have tried again.This time I have read most of the learning material and my head was spinning but I had to try again.I did and things started clear out , what I have heard and seen started making a logical picture.I was still making terrible mistakes, crashed few times, getting a bad headache and skyrocketing my blood pressure ..LOL but thingsstarted being fun.The reason I am saying that is to help people who does not even know how great on-line flying can be and to provide them with simple way to get started without all the stress and headaches.Click on the link to the web page I have created just for that purpose and see for yourself.ARB X-Plane VATSIM CenterI would recommend joining a Virtual Airline.It helps a lot to be a part of the community with the same interests always willing to help. Give it a try Air Nothwest Virtual Airline Good luck and see you soon on VATSIM.Andrzej

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