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Looking for a little advice

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Guest titan_hq

A quick introduction, so you know who you're talking to. I'm Titan, I've been using Microsoft Flight Sim since... FS98 I think. It's been a while anyway. While I like RP, and would love to start and run a VA of my own, I really don't have the time to do so atm. Instead, I'm creating a VA, for...uhr... personal use I guess so I'm not dissapointing anyone. This way I can (along with a couple of others) fly my own colours, as a VA and if in the future I find I have time, I will make it public. Anyway, I want to make it realistic, else there seems little point in doing it at all. The airline operates in the north of Scotland with Inverness as it's base, running local flights to the Highlands and Islands, and regional and shuttle flights to British airports and a very limited number of European and Scandinavian countries. Basically filling gaps that I have found in my real life travels. First of, your thoughts? If I every make this a fully functional VA would you be interested? It is aimed at the less experianced pilots. So now I have my plan, my livery and my operating theater. I need a fleet, and that is my second and most important question. Is 8 Aircraft a good number to start with? 3 Bell 609 Tilt Rotors, 2 Embraer EMB-170s, 3 Embraer EMB-190s, In theory there should only be 6 aircraft operating at any one time, with 2 in reserve "just in case". Don't know how others operate but it seems like a good plan to me... icon_cool.gif Urm... anything else of interest you have to add is welcome.

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