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20 Button/Switch controller for next to nothing

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Note to the Moderators, I am aware that there is a hardware sub-forum, how-ever I dont seek advice and am offering this tip for flightsim users that may not be aware of it. If you feel the need to move this topic, feel free.This tip has also been posted on the Australian OzX and FTX Forums.Ever wanted an extra 20 customised button/switch controls for your flight sim?How much can you expect to pay for such a device...$100?...even more I hear you say? What about if I told you that you may already have such a device in your home or can buy one for under $30 NEW. Anyone that knows PS2 and PS3 consoles will be familiar with the "Buzz" games series...those USB controllers are recognised by my Windows 7, and I assume would be in Vista as a USB game controller. Fully plug and play, no extra software required.I had a broken PS2 console, had the Buzz controllers sitting there with USB plugs on them ...brain starts churning and thought '...It shouldnt hurt it...' and so plugged it into my PC. Win7 did the 'found new hardware' thing and then I stood there with a satisfied grin when it said 'installed and ready to use'. Next I checked it in the sim (FSX) and sure enough it was there and configurable. Ofcourse this also opens it to further mods than just labelling the existing buttons, you can fully romove the switches into customised casing with specific flight controls, gps controls, specific tasks for helos...the list goes on. I dont know whether you could change the buttons to actual on/off switches yet, or even how many of these you could plug in simultaniously for even more button options (not that you would need it straight away), but for the moment I am happy with my little discovery. Would be interested for those with Operating systems other than windows 7 32 Bit to check and see what systems install it, and report back to everyone.What this means is that you now have access to 20 programmable functions on flight sim that you can label and set up as you wish...all you do (after plugging in and allowing OS to install the driver) is go into FSX settings, controllers select 'buzz' controller,functions/keys and program what you want each button to do. This is in addition to any other controller (joystick etc) you may have. Its been brought to my attention that this item may have diferent names in diferent countries, this is a link to the item I am talking about (disregard the game...unless you have a PS2 , purely for illistration purposes) http://www.whattheyplay.com/features/in-the-family-room-buzz/Thankyou and have a good day,Jason

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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