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Any advantages to compressing FS2004 on HD?

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I have a list of recommendations to improve the preformance for FS2002, and one recommendation was to compress FS2002 all files, folders in FS2002.This is recommended I think if you have anything over 1.4 Ghz. I have only a 1.2 Ghz Duron, and was wondering does this apply to FS2004 also?Has anyone compressed FS2004 and notcied it runs better? I have not tried, but with Windows XP compressing is so much better than Win 98, and you can compress the whole flight sim folder.So just wondering is there an improvment, or anyone noticed any improvments with a compressed FS2004?I now found the tips to improve FS2002, so would think these would also apply to FS2004?Tip 1 Upgrade to Windows XP Home, or professional. It's faster, more efficent, NTFS is much better than Fat32 and makes better, and more efficently uses you HD.Tip 2 Recommended to reformat, or convert to NTFS rather than Fat32 because of the above suggestions.Tip 3 Upgrade to a min of 192 of ram, more is better.Tip 4 Disable Last Access. Go into Command prompt. This brings up the old fashion DOS prompt. Type this: fsutil behavior set disablelastaccess 1Tip 5 File Compression reduces HD AccessNTFS supprots file compression. That is on the fly compression files are compressed and decomressed as they are written or read respectively. I see that tested on an 800Mhz Celeron compressed FS2002 loaded slower, but on a 2.2 Ghz Pentium the compressed FS2002 loaded 10% faster, so it is recommended in the tips if you have anything over 1.6 Ghz comress your FS2002 folder.Tip 6 Defrag with 0&0 Defrag. This is meant to be the best defragger Tip 7 Keep Fragmentation MiniizedTip 8 Use CleverCache Professional V4These are recommendations for FS2002, but don't see why they dont apply to FS2004 as well. These are the tips in brief.Also not on the list is open your AGP apature to 128-256 Megs in your BIOS settings may help, but most here maybe allready be doing this.

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