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Guest oal163

Airbus Radio Module with SIOC

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Guest oal163

Dear simmers, I have already posted this in another forum but spending more than a week searching how to program the module and dealing witjh almost everything I decided to repost from the beginning so let me start. Lately I bought from opencockpits the airbus radio module http://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/airbus-radio-module-p-256.html?cPath=22_63 Then I downloaded the IOCModules v1.6Beta1, I installed it on my computer which runs windows 7 64bit and I start testing it with my FSX. Great success but when the atc requested me to apply squawk 7241 the code was overridden to 1200 . I start searching for the solution and I found that inside iocmodules.ini there was an entry which I could deactivate the atc. Searching around I found that I could program the module according to my needs something that I liked it very much. I downloaded IOCards.exe (with all the updates ver.37 if i remember well) and the sioc but I faced the same problem. USB not detected.... I then downloaded the USBCheck and after execution the program could identify the module with the number 57. GREAT I thought and I went into the controlador.ini file of IOCards I applied the number 57 in the line DeviceUSB but nothing changed. What I do wrong? Why the IOCard.exe can not find the usb. I have to tell you that before the iocard.exe I run the controlador.exe with the same results so please let me ask for some HELP!!!! Thank you for your time Spyros

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