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Guest artjosh

Veer to the right after landing

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Guest artjosh

Captains hello,I have a question for you: I am experiencing some serious steering problems during landing in the 744. Irrespective of whether I do an autoland or a manual land, as soon as the plane hits the runway, it starts veering to the right.I have tried turing everything off prior to and after landing to see whether this was maybe down to a LOC or an ILS frequency issue (maybe being tuned to the parallel runway etc). I turned off autopilot, FD, ILS, LOC/APP, VNAV/LNAV, A/T, but still the veering continues. The engines are all symetric too.In the external view, the ailerons / rudder are all set to neutral and the front wheel steering is also facing forward. I have no idea what is causing this and it is very frustrating. I have experienced this at EDDF, KJFK, EGLL, EHAM and KORD.I do have add-on scenery for all these airports, which makes me think that it could be related somehow. I have also experiened this with the PMDG 737 at EHAM too, having landed on 18R. The veering stops suddenly when I cross 18L taxiing to the terminal. The plane bounces/shakes for a few seconds, settles again and I can continue taxiing normally. This made me think its an ILS frequency mismatch issue. the RadNav page however in the FMC is correct, so maybe its a BGL issue? I'm kinda stabbing in the dark here.Any ideas or similar experiences would be most appreciated so I can start my rollouts in a straight line again soon...!Best regards from EDDFEd

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