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Michael Cependa

Kai Tak IGS13

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Has anyone used the new (version 6) Voxatc with a runway 13 approach for Kai Tak? I am using the FlyTampa Hong Kong scenery and I have used some utility to put the procedures for VHHX into the Leveld nav data folder. Vox atc recognizes VHHX and gives me the appropriate STAR, but then wants to vector me to Runway 31 even thought the wind should make 13 the active runway. When I access the Voxatc menu to select the full procedure for runway 13, the only option shown is for runway 31. I end up just turning off atc and then have no traffic at the airport.I seem to recall that this worked OK for the old version of Voxatc, so I am not sure what the problem is. I don't think it could be a problem with the Leveld data because I understand Vox only uses that for the STARs and not the approach procedures, which I think are embedded in the scenery.Any help would be appreciated.

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