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AI sounds for FS 2004

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Dear all,I am FS fanatic. And I enjoy wacthing anf following ai aircafts. I think that the Traffic view Board developed by Arnt Helge is one of the top contributions to the FS world. Like wise I , have been inspired by the attempts of others, to improve sounds for AI aircrafts and traffic for FS2004. Ai sounds for FS2004, remains in need of improvements. I am not an expert on coding and programming. However, I hope that the following suggestions, would inspire you to use your skills, in order to develop proper coding and sound effect files for ai aicrafts. I would be your first client waiting to pay for your work. I believe that with proper coding, it might be possible to have the ATC engine, activate on interval, start up sounds, taxi sounds, spool and thrust sounds, cruise sounds, descent sounds for Turbo props; Small jets; Medium jets and Large jets ai aircrafts. Already, the ATC controls the ai aircrafts pilots. Each Sounds effects files, could be activated by ATC clearance/instructions.1. For start up sound: The start-up sound could be linked to the ATC, IFR clearence request from the AI aircraft pilot.2. For Taxi sounds: the sound is linked with the ATC taxi clearance approval, after push back. 3. For Spool and thrust sounds: the sounds is linked with the ATC clearance approval. xxx seconds after the " Clear for take off ", from ATC.4. For cruise sounds: the sounds would start after the aircraft reached cruise altitude. Again, xxxx minutes after ATC clearance...instructions. “Climb to flight level xxxx”. or " resume own navigation ". or " you are above your assigne FL..".5. For descent sounds: the sounds starts after the first instruction to the aircraft from ATC to “descent to FLxxxx”.6. For landing/taxi sound: the sound starts after ATC clearance to aircraft: “clear for landing”...The locations of the Fs2004, ATC wave files and related instructions can be decompiled from USenglishBig.gvp file. I was able to decompile both files with the help of GVPDeco_v11.zip. I would like to know if you can develop a sound effect file, based on the ATC instructions.If the sounds can be applied to one aircraft model, it can be applied to every single ai aircraft model. The ATC already controls ai aircrafts pilots. ow to have it control the sounds as well?In fact, I have been thinking lately that maybe be the sounds could be also be triggered/linked with Arnt Helge's "Traffic View Board " 's flight status: cruise,descent,final,on approach,landed,gate cleared and boarding.Thank you again for your attention,Frank.

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