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Guest Philip Olson

A cure for *my* FSCOF problems!!

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I don't know if this will help anyone else that is having problems with the sim pausing and stuttering but I have found something that helped to smooth mine out tremendously. I was having a lot of stutter and pausing and a lot of hard drive chatter so I hit ctl alt del to see what was hogging my memory and there it was, mixer.exe was using 118 megabytes of memory. I thought that this was insane so I did some checking and found that this program is for my C Media onboard sound card which I disabled a couple of months ago when I put an Audigy 2 in my computer. I went into msconfig and disabled mixer.exe under the startup tab, rebooted the computer and fired up FSCOF. I gained a couple of FPS here and there but mostly the sim really smoothed out, even in dense scenery. The serious problems with pausing only happened every once in awhile, I don't know why but in time mixer.exe would grab a big chunk of memory and not let it go, and I was not even using it for anything. So for anyone who has added a sound card you may want to check and make sure that you are not having the same problem as I had. Mixer.exe is only tied to the old C Media sound card and disabling it had no ill effects on the Audigy 2 card, I may even find that other things may smooth out since it seems that maybe both were trying to process sounds in some instances. If anyone who is not really computer savy needs help with this let me know and I'll be glad to give more details.Take care!Philip

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