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3rd party aircrafts FSX phasing sound

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Hi there,Just want to help with my recent discovery regarding the strange phasing sound effect many people (including me) gets with 3rd party aircrafts in FSX.There has been a number of posts from frustrated simmers having this problem and now I think I found the reason:In my case I had this annoying problem with my Wilco Airbus Evolution 1 series. It showed out that in the 'sound' folder a number of wave files had identical twins with different names (two different .wav files contained exactly the same sound/waveform). From my knowledge from sound engineering and sound design in music production I know that having two sounds with identical waveforms played simultaneously but just a little offset / out of sync will indeed introduce a phasing/ flanging effect. And this is exactly what happens in FSX with these identical sounds.So what I did was, I loaded all the twin sounds into my wave editor and simply reversed them (made them backwards) so they no longer were identical with the other ones (can't hear the difference with a looped engine sounds anyway). Then I replaced the original sound files with the reversed ones. Now the phasing effect has completely disappeared.Hope this is useful for all the simmers having this problem./Soren

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