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Building enclosed cockpit, need PC - video advice

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Could use some help,I am building this simulator for a Flight School and the budget for a new PC is about $1,200 and monitors/TV's is about $1,200. I have the cockpit and panel built, but not sure of the best way to do the video.Would like to use flat panel TV's for the following: 2- 32" side TV's and 1- 47" center TV. I want the straight ahead view on the Center and the 2 side views on the side monitor's. I believe this is the best way to get a 180 degree view (could use other ideas). Can I use TV's or do I need to use Monitors? The cost of the TV's is a lot less then the monitors for the size I want.The way the cockpit is setup is 51" wide x 48" deep. I could use 4- 32" monitors, but not sure how to get the 4 monitors to display.Would like recommendations on PC, (pre-built) & video card(s)I have read a lot about Triplehead2go, but not sure if it only displays the front view across 3 panels or if I can select the front view and un-dock the side view and move them to the side monitors.thanks in advance, Jack

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