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Loren Larsa

Strange lag issues with FPS.

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Not sure if this post is posted correctly, I looked for a "support" forum for FSX past CTD but didn't find any.Anyways, I have been battling the low FPS issue for some time, after I put in FSX Acceleration or FSX in general it took a nosedive, for a while I was stuck on 11 or so FPS regardless of where, but now I have a common FPS of around 74-170 when I move my mouse, but the moment I stop moving it, it drops to 12 again.This happens anywhere, while I do have Ultimate Terrain and some FSX addons, I did a separate test on airports far away where there were still default terrain and in a default Cessna 172, it still happened.Prior to me tweaking the AffinityMask 255 in FSX I was nearly constantly stuck at 11 FPS with spikes up to the limit of 60, or 170 without the limiter, and the FPS would drop the moment I crossed 1500 feet in any aircraft anywhere.And this happened regardless of graphical settings in FSX as well.All of this is run in DX9 mode, as the DX10 is unstable and tends to crash at random, and as such I am not using it.My hardware:Xeon W3520 / Core i7 920 @ 4GHz.6Gb of DDR3 RAMEVGA X58 3X SLi Classified (E759) motherboard1x ATi Radeon HD 5970 + ATi Radeon HD 5870 in CrossFire configuration (TriFire or 3x GPUs.)Windows 7 X64 OS.

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