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Impressed :D

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Ok so I just completed my first full flight 'in anger' from EGPH to LEPA on Vatsim. This aircraft is just amazing! I can honestly say i cant see the point in flying anything else until the PMDG Boeing 777 comes out. Its that good. The only thing you will miss is the longer range flights but Id rather do those in several high quality hops than one low fidelity flight. Vatsim controllers etc are going to get very fed up marshalling B737's :DI let the autopilot do the full cat III autoland into RWY 27L at LEPA and it was absolutely flawless. In fact its too good! Rate of descent on touchdown was -23fpm which means I got a penalty from my VA as they want (in common with most airlines now) a 'positive' landing, i.e. Around -100fpm to -400 fpm! So the flight logging and tracking software penalised me!!!!!I'm SERIOUSLY impressed!I'm now going to plan my route and fly around the world in this baby biggrin.gif Something I've always fancied but never done~! The only complaint I can think of is that the PDF files keep locking up and wont let me read all the way through! I've got the PMDG 737 for FS9 and the 747 for FS9/FSX etc and I can say that the FSX PMDG 737NGX takes flight simulation fidelity to a new hi! (pun intended :D) Well done and thank you guys! Regards James Laird

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