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no flexible wings & SFP pack

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Hello everyone First of all, congrats to PMDG team that developed this wonderful acft., these planes are amazing! Real stufs (the sound of the packs and the fuel pumps are the same when I enter a Boeing NG), the manuals don't seem to have any difference with the real ones, a must-have add-on for those who enjoy FS as a hobby like me or those who want to get used to the aircraft before being engaged in an airline and before starting the FFS training, which I'd like to be in this situation, too. =) But I'd like to ask if there is a problem with the aircraft, related to: - When I flew with them for the first time, during the takeoff rolling and after the lift off, wings raised normally, but I don't remember if it were after I have installed some GOL Liveries with the livery manager, wings stay fixed, like there's no lift acting in them. Is there any configuration in the FMC pmdg setup menu that I have to change or it's a bug? - About the Short Field Performance pack: GOL is an airline that has been receiveing several Boeing 737-800 with that SFP pack, many of them flying the routes inbound and outbound SBRJ, which has a runway of 1300m , too short for a normal 737-800, but with this pack GOL's planes can takeoff and land in SBRJ as a 737-700. Okay, let's try with my "precious" (lol) NGX.Temperature at 35°C, QNH about 1008, no wind, and a 737-800 loaded with 174 pax (single class, although the real aircraft can take up to 189), 2000 kg of lugage and cargo and only both wings fully loaded with fuel. TO Thrust set 27K, no assumed temperature. The result: aircraft lift off at the end of the runway, almost in the water. I tried to simulate a situation of a summer day, enough fuel to a trip of about 01h30 and the payload that's frequently boarded. Landing at SBRJ is okay, autobrake MAX and Flaps 40° with a VRef of 140, same meteorological conditions, but taking off is the problem, and I see that the real plane starts rotating normally in the last third of the runway, while an ERJ-145 lift off almost at the end.I've heard that V-Speeds may decrease when using 27K thrust, is it true? Are there special performance tables when taking off with 27K?Thanks for help!

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