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Example of paint job

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Hi all, I am totally new to the subject of paint kits. I've downloaded the NGX paintkit and my wife is a professional web designer. She has a very powerfull laptop with Photo Shop as one of the tools she uses often. The paintkit files could be handled with ease on her system. I am flying for a tiny virtual airline, Platinum Airways, and of course there is a Platinum livery. We (that is my wife and I, not Platinum) would like to try to make one. The pdf file in the paintkit explains what to change and what not, but not really "how to". Therefor I would like to ask other repainters if any of you would be so kind to send me a painted set of psd-files, if possible with the corresponding ptp file. In that way we could see and learn how changes in the psd-files look like and what effect they have on the compiled livery. Any links to helpful "how to" websites would be very welcome too. Thank you,

Herman Nienhuis


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