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Some minor backlighting issues...

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Hi guys! I'm still fascinated about all the major and minor quirks that are simulated here, but I think this one is not "as real as it gets"... When I switch on the panel lights (the backlighting for switches etc), some components light up at full brightness immediately, some are dimmable. Especially switches always are lit very bright.This curiously does happen with all panels except the overhead panel. The same thing happens with the flood lightling (not dome) of the pedestal. At some "parts" (mostly the flat ones) the light is literally switched on, at others (mostly knobs and other 3D modeled things) the light remains dimmable. I think the technical problem might be the same, so I only attached three pictures of the main panel lighting - one has the lights turned completely off, the next one was taken after one single right click at the brightness knob and the last one has the lights at full brightness.The very early demo video (Youtube - interior lighting demo) doesn't show this particular behaviour. I also couldn't find a related topic. I'm running the version with the hotfix 16AUG11 although the issue showed up from the beginning. (Interestingly I dind't loose my liveries when I installed the hotfix - but at the next start of FSX I got all those prompts to allow the new software, so I think it's installed correctly...) I can live with that anyway - but if there's a fix, i would be happy :-) Thank you!Maximilian Gröber



Maximilian Groeber

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