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My panel freeze issue and my fix

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Hi everyone, Having a blast so far with this jet. But I, like others, have had numerous flights ruined by the panel freeze bug. I purchased the addon after hotfix #3, so I am up to date. I noticed that on occasion when using other views (spot, other aircraft, tower), I'd come back to the VC to have my panels frozen. This morning, on taxi to the runway at KPIT, my panels froze so I started poking around. I started playing with Views --> New View --> Cockpit --> Virtual Cockpit. I found that once I had a new window open with the VC in it, my panels started working again (you can tell in the VC window). Then I could just close that window (shift + ]) and I was back to normal in the main screen. Now, like I said earlier, I don't know if this is precisely the same as what others have experienced, but on my last 3 flights this afternoon, I've had panel freezes that were solved with this method. Hope this helps someone. -Tim Latona

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