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Finally complete flight without a panel freeze

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I tried six times to fly a flight from KATL to KMSY, about a 1.5 hour flight. The first two flights resulted in a panel freeze about 12-15 minutes into the flight. The third flight resulted in a CTD after about 1 hour. The next three had panel freezes soon after takeoff. In trying to analyze what might be causing these freezes I tried many things that I suspected might be involved. On the seventh flight, I decided I would not interact with the CDU in any way during the flight. I would not even look at it!!! The only thing I did with it was load fuel. I did not even adjust the payload. Once I did that I kept my hands off it. Of course I had no flight info in the displays, so I used FSCommander on my second monitor to give me nav guidance. I used the MCP and autopilot for the entire flight for direction, altitude, and speed control. Upon arrival at KMSY I used autoland for the landing. My framerates, and everything else in FSX and the 737NGX worked very well. I have concluded that interaction with the CDU is causing my panel freezes. I don't know what action or actions specifically is doing it. I would be interested to know if anyone else having panel freezes can successfully fly a flight without using the CDU, and be successful at it as I was.In all other regards, this plane is amazing. I hope the developers are able to solve this problem.Mike Illian

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