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SP1 bugs

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I'm not too deeply familiar with B737NG systems, but after installing SP1, my amateur eye has noticed following issues: 1. After performing non-realistic procedures, slew airplane to air with dark-cold cockpit configration,and then load configuration which was saved during normal flight,after some time, PFD and ND screens are freeze in VC, but when click on it, the opened 2D screens are work normaly, after ~1 minute this freeze disappears.2. Another issue, I have performed flight according all rules, at the cruise state, I have saved flight and closed FSX (I did this flight as default) after open FSXand fly sometime I have noticed problem of freeze like it was above, but also, I noticed that CRZ page in FMC contains only empty flight level on LSK1,after entering FL things have become normal, but why this should happend? I didn't changed any FL.3. When loading Flight state in FMC, PFD and ND are OFF until I realign IRS, is it normal?I think those bugs are enough to make opinion about quality of this product, I'm sure if I was 737NG pilot I would find much more Issues that are incorrect.It is disappointing to see how they brawely release SP1 with those basic bugs, it seems like they didn't done any QA, just a very simple test flight whereeverything happend by normal steps.

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