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ASE & FS9: how to set weather to non-stock airports ?

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Lately I've been developping some add-on scenery for Chinese airports that are not stock scenery. I wanted to set precise weather conditions to test AI ops depending on QFU (ILS approaches, etc...).So I first added those new airports to ASE database (Options/Edit Station data). After several an edit/save & restarting ASE this is what the bottom of my airports.dat file looks like:ZYYJ,42.882,129.448,620 // last stock stationZBER,43.43,112.09,3320ZBDS,39.49,109.87,4485ZBCF,42.16,118.85,2025Then on the Wx Config page I tried to Edit the weather data for one one these station, let's say ZBDS.This is the METAR string I want to set: 25012KT 34SM FEW330 M10/M14 Q1025Then I click 'Parse Metar' -> desired values are now displaying on wind/temperature/clouds window.Then I click 'Apply Weather' -> I get this bug (see attached picture) and the weather doesn't update.The only way to get rid of this bug is to set the application range to a value greater or equal to 80NM.But, after updating Wx with the parsed METAR, the weather displayed in the Report tab is something different than the desired weather:ZBDS 011814Z 23507KT 10SM FEW190 M04/M07 A3030 RMK ADVANCED INTERPOLATIONAfter that, when I get back to the Wx Config page I load "current" at ZBDS I get that:ZBDS 011818Z 23507KT 0SM CLR M11/M14 A0000And at this point I can tell that I feel completely lost... Btw 0SM visibility is a common issue when I'm playing with the Wx Config page.Another example: the other day I wanted to fly to mountain airport VILH (Leh), an airport/station which is FS9 stock and in the ASE airport list, but that is not reporting METARs. The weather was foggy in the plains with near-zero vis at VIDP or VIAR, and the ASE report page showed foggy/low ceiling & snow conditions at VILH, which was erroneous that day since real sat imagery showed not a single cloud over the area. So I set more realistic Wx to VILH station using the Wx Config page, something like this: VILH 04003KT 35SM SKC M11/M15 Q1021. I suspected some issues with the Wx Config page, so I repeated that process again during my cruise between VIDP & VILH, selecting 'Global' as application range: since I was already airborne the only thing that did matter was realistic wind alofts (90KT jetsstream at cruising level) and VMC on arrival with typical mountain morning cristal clear air.But when I initiated my final descent into the Leh valley ASE ran into an epic failure, with visibility quickly dropping to 0. I had to close ASE and set the desired weather to VILH using the FS9 weather menu, picking the closest FS9 WX station and editing every parameter.So, if I can manage to get what I want using the FS9 weather menu, why ASE can't do that ?I was hoping the the latest build (SP4 beta) would fix this but sadly not. I have the feeling that something is completely broken in the Wx Config module... most of the time it's just not working even with stock airports... Thanks for checking that.

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