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PMDG - SDK Overhead Displays

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I would like to switch from PM Systems to PMDG, but I'm having trouble finding some of the parameters. For example, the only Overhead displays supported in the SDK are Flight Alt Window and Landing Alt Window. I believe I can fake out the IRU Display, but the electrical panel will be difficult. Since the SDK states "The rest of the controls and indicators match their standard FSX counterparts ...” I assumed I could get the values from FSX, but that does not seem to be the case. I tried comparing the FSX all of the DC voltages/AMPs with what is displayed by PMDG. The voltage matched, but the load didn’t. For example, when the APU is started the DC load goes up to 250+ amps for PMDG but the FSX remains at 22 amps.


Are there plans to add more parameters at a later date?



Ed Swafford

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