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DCS: P-51D

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DCS: P-51 Status and screens



P-51D Status


*** - Completed

** - Can be tested but some items can be incorrect because it's WIP

* - No use in testing. WIP and still in early stages.


1. The engine model


a) Heat distribution, cooling, etc * (We are working on it - this is a high priority)

Some aspects of mixture evaporation **


After an air start at altitude of more than 15,000-18,000 ft, a noticeable delay presents itself before engine starts firing due to low temperature - this will be done as heat distribution is completed.


c) Rammed/Unrammed/warm air * (Only rammed air now)

d) Engine overboost *

e) Engine overload *


2. Other systems


a) Finge moments *

Real trimmers *

c) Under carriage ***


Except for some minor things like latches for gear-down position (will be added soon).


d) Engine slow model (for start up and stop detailed modeling) **


There are some unfinished features that may not seem not right yet.


e) Overall performance is very close to accurate but radiator drag/thrust is not taken in account yet and it can affect the performance within several percents.

f) Guns and gun camera (Shift - F4) ballistics and harmonization ***

g) Sound - not all features are done, not all samples are used yet.

h) Damage model - WIP **


Generally, the systems have their damage models finished. Engine, controls, fuel system, fairing doors are still not ready. G-load structural damages is not tuned properly (Will be done ASAP). Dynamic pressure damages are not tuned yet for testing purposes.


i) WEP for engine - WIP * (no button for it, though the boost regulator is ready)

j) Anti-G suit. I do not know if it switched on or off in the current version... seems OFF to me. So only GLOC and GLOS ***

k) Position and Mach errors for IAS * (Please take in account that now CIAS rather than IAS is indicated!)

l) Electrical system is made as it must be excluding some minor loads. Ammeter shows the generator current, the battery can charge and discharge.


3. Instruments


This is the information only for cockpit instruments. Some instruments are not working because the systems they correspond to do not work yet.


a) K-14 gunsight ***

Gunnery equipment ***

c) Bombing equipment ***

d) Rocket equipment ***

e) Fuel System Controls ***

f) Hydraulic System Controls ***

g) Throttle Quadrant ***

h) Flaps and Landing Gear Controls ***

i) Engine Control Panel ***

j) Oxygen System Controls ***

k) Canopy Control ***

l) Rear Warning Radar ***

m) Lighting System ***

n) Heating and Defrosting System *

o) Flare Gun *

p) Carburetor Air Control *

q) Radiator/Oil Air Control *

r) Airspeed Indicator ***

s) Altimeter ***

t) Directional Gyro ***

u) Artificial Horizon ***

v) Rate-of-Climb Indicator ***

w) Manifold Pressure Gage ***

x) Remote Indicator Compass ***

y) Suction Gage ***

z) Clock ***

aa) Tachometer ***

ab) Bank-and-Turn Indicator ***

ac) Oil Temperature, Fuel and Oil Pressure Gage ***

ad) Carburetor Air Temperature ***

ae) Coolant Temperature***


4. Other


Buffeting and shaking will be added in the near future.





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As the hydraulics pressure is unloaded, fairing doors begin to open due to gravity. When they are not fully opened landing gear control lever was turned and the main legs were released from up-locks. See what happens as they overtake the fairing doors.

Rocking the plane gently has no effect on down-locks but the second attempt was successful.

To faster regain hydraulic pressure prop was set to max rpm.

The second attempt shows what happens if the plane flies unloaded (g-load was 0.2-0.3)

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