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Reload Situation through UDP

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Hi Everybody,


I am writing my thesis about "Test Automation in FBW(Fly by wire) FCS(Flight Control Systems)". And I am

using ML/SL(Matlab/Simulink) for to model my system and X Plane for to simulate my system.

And The communication between ML/SL and X Plane is through UDP connection. I send and receive data

through UDP connection.


I want to ask you following question about X Plane UDP Structure,

-As I said I am making test for FBW FCS and for each test case the preconditions must be the same in X Plane.

Like weather, speed, altitude and so on...So I save a situation in X Plane for that purpose.

Is it possible to reload/refresh this situation before each test case through UDP?

For example If I have 3 test cases this situation should be reloaded three times before each test case through UDP


As a summary For each test case I want to first reload a situation then send my test data through UDP

Is this possible? Thanks from now for your comments.



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