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Wilco 737 AutoThrottle problem

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Hello all !


Normally I never post on forums, because I search and change in the deepest files/codes of FSX to fix my problems, but today I am just getting mad...

Since I have a new computer running windows seven (I had windows XP on the previous one), I am installing and configuring all my add-ons and hardwares for FSX since yesterday...


I was almost ready to make my first flight tonight but the 737 PIC (Wilco) is just doing bad things.


Example :

- Lining up on the runway, while I'm setting the transponder on charlie mode, landing lights ON, and auto-throttle armed.

- The take-off itself is running well, but, during the initial climb, I activate the CMD, HDG, SPD and VS switches. But the autopilot doesn't care about speed, he continues climbing at full thrust, and, of course, the overspeed alarm starts...


I have tried five times, with 733, 734, 735 (all from Wilco's Pilot in Command), and also with the basic FSX 747. This last one has a normal A/T, it works well.


The thing is, for the 737 PIC aircrafts, the autopilot sets the thrust to 50%/60% and never change... (If I increase or decrease the SPD on the MCP, there is no change on the thrust ...)

I thought about a problem with my yoke and other game controllers. I disabled all controllers, and made a test take-off with the keyboard, same was the problem...


Please, tell me that there is somebody here who has an idea to fix this ?



Laurent (from Brussels).

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