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Goflight MCP Pro issue with avionics programs.

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Hi Guys,


just wondering if anyone can help me out.


Im setting up my own Simulator and want to run some Avionics Software, (aerosoft australia or prosim737) but having the same issue on both softwares. Everything works except for the HDG SEL button when i engade this and turn the knob nothing happens, but when i select the HDG SEL button in the VC by mouse or CTRL+H (HOTKEY) the knob works, how can i fix this that i can yous the MCP PRO to change Heading??


its so strange but when I Youtube clips theres works


One other thing i might add too is i know this works because i have flown the PMDG NGX and the Go FLight MCP PRO works 100% so i know its not the Hardware.





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