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Operational Question - FMS Fuel Page

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Hello All,


I have one question (so far) regarding operations in the dash that I haven't been able to locate in the manual or the advanced tutorial:


How do I enter the reserves (ALTN, HOLD, EXTRA, TOTAL RES) in the FMS? After I've entered my Pax, cargo, and total fuel, I highlight the appropriate fields and enter the numbers, but as soon as I press "ENTER" on the keypad, the field blanks out.


I think that's all for now. I can muddle through the T/O and cruise (of course without any sound after 15 minutes) but this A/C is definitely a shock to the system after logging so many hours in the NGX. It certainly is a completely different aircraft from the 737NG. I like the learning though. I will say that even if I was proficient with the FMS, I would find it clunky. It certainly is lacking the flow that the Boeing metal has.


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