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The Best FSX only PC

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Imagine if you will a PC built with the best hardware for a program that is 7 years old! This PC will run this program only and it has a reputation for being a mess to begin with. Given the launch of the Haswell and GTX 780 and SSD's and Samsung miracle memory etc. What is best dedicated PC build for this program and usual suspect addons? Tom’s hardware does this "Best for the Money Thing" and it seems to me that we FSX fans should start doing the same thing. Let face unlike our niche software developer, Hardware developers don’t give a hoot about us, so we owe them nothing! I am planning a new build in the fall and I am currently in the quandary of 3770k or 4770k. Now another consideration here is Overclocking and I want to specify that I want to keep this to systems that will be overclocked as much as possible. If you want to run FSX really well invest in great cooling and consider getting creative with your cooling.


For example what I am looking for is this; a GTX 780 is about $750, I can find a used GTX 580 without looking too hard for $200. Would you pay $550 to go from 29 FPS to 33FPS (I am speculating) I wouldn't. Let’s be honest given what we know about FSX. IF I have an otherwise solid 3770k build i.e. is a GTX 780 going to give me a noticeable performance boost over a GTX580?


Likewise is an early 4770k OCed to say 4.6 Ghz going to be better than a used 3770k from a batch number that is known to be a good OCer that I can get for $200 compared to a new 4770k for $350


OK the CPU price difference is much less but add the cost of latest MB etc.


My feeling is that we recycle a lot of part which each new build like the case, the PSU the Cooling system (that’s why it worth an investment of a few hundred dollars, it will last you a decade) the Yoke etc.


So the bottom line is that each year we should look at what combination of old and new hardware is the best keeping the price in mind. Sure we use our PC for other things but we can address that consideration after determining the best strategy for FSX.


Hopefully LM will make a big announcement of the release of P3D V2 and this discussion will become as obsolete as FSX.


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