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Home cokpit and PMDG - Need Advice

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Hello ,

Since  i fly on FSX , i always update and upgrade my Sim

and  my Favorite planes are from PMDG ( Logical)

I'm using  Saitek Ruder  and yoke + Quadrant  with custom Handles

From FlightsimPM 

I have 3 screen and a triple Head 2 Go with FSX in Wideview=True

So from week now , i'm studie for the evolution 


For the next Saitek  won't work with PMDG (Radio panel)

I have a few important question that i Have trouble to answer.

First I'd like in first time that the  Hardware i will buy  can be

used with  several PMDG in the limit of possibility.After i'll see if I choose one plane and i i spend more money.

The difficulty is to previous future without spend money for nothing (lol big up Dire Straits)



The First thing difficult to undrestand how i can do this and directly concern PMDG is in this vidéo.


I want do the same for the Panel  i'm explain :

send the sky in my 3 screen with tripple head and send the Panel 2D on 2 screen or more on bottom 

This is a economic solution for begin a flight deck who is compatible with 737,747,MD11  and 777 or other 

 if i can do this for this 4 plane i can let my other add-ons and be the most Happy Simmer in the world

Since  i have triple Head 2D panels causing bug - I have the 2D panels Issue from PMDG but it correct the " Mousse bug"

i can not open the 2D panels on the tripple head system and perhaps with Wideview= true in CFG

If someone Know something about this it would be very important for me the follow is a little less important

even it has take long long time for begin the understanding




My doubt are in compatibility with the Hardware and PMDG , also with the Idea to develop him like i liked

PMDG say to see with the developper of Hardware , what i do and i'm listed ( in my budget) those :


I Think understanding that they All compatible with PMDG with and  without FSUIPC


-Open Cokpit for COM -  ATC - NAV - MCP -Hardware ( perhaps more after)

But I'm not sure of the compatibility with several Airplane 


-GoFlight for NAV-COM module , Peter Dowson from FSUIPC will advice it on his forum


- VR insight  because the CDU is compatible with  a lot of Add-on but i'm asking if the Open cokpit one can 

Have the same compatibility and the same For the MCP


I saw thousands of Home cokpit video and read hundreds Topics about but still in doubt 


Really thanks for your Help Guys !





PS : sorry for the mistakes in English, I'm French-)

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