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A few problems with Desl Pilot

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today i downloaded the actual version 1.4.2 of DP. It took a long time to get it working, but it's working - more or less. I know, it's a lot of work program such a tool and it's great to get it for free and I also like the idea (I waited a long time for this, because I do tutorials and videos together with a friend and this is very useful), but i don't like a few things.

Many buttons and switches doesn't work at the moment. I know, you said you want to add many switches, but is ist possible (also because of the NGX SDK), that ALL buttons and switches will work? It would be also nice, if the Captain could also use the buttons of the F/O if that's necessary.

But there are also some things, which (I think) are not normal. If I want to increase the speed, it always goes back to 100 knots after about 3 seconds. And I also have always this red lines from the TCAS on my PFD, which normally come only in a conflict with other traffic.

Although, it's not so good right now, I like the idea and for a Beta version it's quite good. I will keep an eye on your tool and hope you can solve this problems.

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