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Migration strategy for HUGE fsx installation?

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I have a “large” FSX installation I would like to migrate to P3Dv2 but have some constraints. What would be the best migration strategy?



a ) My FSX files take up 1.5 TB and is still growing..........

b ) My main FSX drive (1TB SSD is nearly full) and am moving/installing photo-scenery to a future additional 1TB SSD.

c ) I would like to avoid actually 'installing' my aircraft and scenery...both due to time, and trying to avoid doubling space consumption.................because – 300+ payware aircraft, 800+ freeware aircraft, 350+ payware sceneries. Plus photosceneries - 20+ Megascenery States, Switzerland X, Germany X, Austria X, France VFR, NL2000, and growing.......

d ) If I can, I'd like to still run FSX in case there is anything that doesn't work in P3Dv2




D:\ FSX main installation w/ all aircraft and sceneries that can't live on 'overflow' drive + P3D installation + P3D virtual directories (via FlightSim Estonia P3D Migration Tool)

F:\ all FSX sceneries that can be installed to non-FSX drive (i.e. NL2000, Megascenery Earth, any others?)



I'm hoping that P3DV2's improved memory management will allow me to:

a ) not have to anymore deactivate all my sceneries except flight source and destination

b ) not have to anymore clear out my EXE.xml, and DLL.xml periodically due to memory issues(?) of too many files running.


(Hoping........but realistically, I'm guessing P3DV2 won't allow it with this many add-ons.....)




Suggestions on the best way to accomplish this migration and meet the goals given the constraints above?





Absent any advice, I was going to try the following:

1) Install P3Dv2 to D:

2) Install FlightSim Estonia - FSX TO PREPAR3D MIGRATION TOOL and create virtual directories under P3Dv2 that point to corresponding directories under FSX (does the tool work this way?)

3) Enjoy P3Dv2 (leaving behind SceneryConfigEditor forever!)



Thanks in advance for your help,




Oh my, more Aircraft/Scenery sales announced.....gotta run..... :)



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