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Encoder speed polling?

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Hi Guys n Gals,


I'm hoping this has not been asked here before but I've read all sorts over the last few days on leo bodnars BU0836X card and CTS288 encoders.


So here's the issue i think the polling interval is too slow on fsuipc to read my encoders at speed so its missing pulses. If i turn the encoder slowly it will change the course 1 degree at a time no problems however if i need to do a 100 degree turn it takes ages and when turning the dial faster it misses too. I have the encoder set to 1:1 and configured each encoder for the 737NGX alt inc/alt dec however nothing i seem to do improves the response of this encoder. I feel I'm missing the polling on the LUA maybe could somebody kind soul set me straight on what I'm missing here.


ill add a little more info.


the 3 wires on the encoder are wired centre to GND and left and right to 2 button inputs on the card.

I've added the POLLINTERVAL=15 to fsuipc.ini (which improved my pan rate greatly)

The pulse rate on the encoder config page of the card ive tried from 8-200 however the best results so far have been around the 50-80 mark.


Looking forward to your help

Best Regards

Darren Fletcher

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