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Scenery, AI, FS, and the future

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Guest prop

As we also reflect on a new year, I stop to reflect a bit on this flight simming hobby. We now have so much to choose from in terms of great and realistic looking aircraft. To see my favorite airlines, both nostalgic and current, rolling on the tarmac and flying in the air is something to behold. In a time of updated current flight plans, registrations and repaints, as well as the ability to create custom flight plans, etc, I have little to wish for in this department.In terms of scenery, I have always been a huge fan of the Alaska scenery's, esp Ketchikan areas. Starting out with Holgars LOD 7 Mesh, Eddie Dennys LOD 10 Mesh, and now growing into the new Misty Morrings LOD 10, I am awe struck by the beauty and wonder that has been rendered before us. Again, I have little to wish for. I am quite content if the peaks don't get any higher, or sharper or whatever. I am a happy scenery camper.There are sooo many people to thank. People all over the globe who have given of their free time. (Mostly :-)) Although (pay to fly) is on the increase, I am still amazed how much of what we have experienced has been free gifts of art and design and so well done, beautiful and satisfying. Thank you... Thank you... and Thank you again!As I look to the future of FS however, I hope that we will see progressive improvements in the area of AI Traffic. Not Ultimate Traffic, or any of the others that just add bulk, but honest to goodness programs that allow AI to fly VFR without crashing into mountains. Intutitive AI Traffic that will negotiate terrain on departure, cruise, and descent. This is my wish and my dream.At first I loved the planes, repaints, etc. Then I got bored and left the hobby. Then upon coming back, I was into Airports and scenery. FSE, Traffic Tools, AFCAD, etc. Then I got bored and went on to other things. Now upon returning to this amazing hobby, I am struck by AI Traffic. But about all you can do right now is just generate extra bodies.To get them to adequately fly where you want them to under VFR and IFR, and do so with consistency and reliability, is still but a dream.But I guess dreaming is what it is all about. And Thanks to Wilbur and Orville, I guess that is how this all began. With a dream....Darryl

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