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Guest ballymoss

FS9 Load/Uninstall Problems

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Guest ballymoss

Hello everyone,I'm in need of your expert knowledge in solving this problem I have with FS9. Copied below is a note I've just sent to microsoft but somehow I think there may be more advise and knowledge in this forum.-------------Following a computer power shutdown whilst flying within FS2004 the program subsequently failed to bootup, becoming 'non responsive' during the initial start pages ie, before reaching the Select/Create flights page.I then went to uninstall the program using the uninstall.exe but this just became 'non responsive' after requesting the uninstal. Also unable to uninstal via XP's Add/Remove software.I then deleted the FS9 folder together with the related folders in the Application Data/Microsoft folder and using Regedit removed all traces of Flight Simulator from the relevant registries. Rebooted the machine.Fs2004 was then reinstalled apparently succesfully but clicking on the Select Flight option the program became'non responsive' and the task manager was used to close the program. All other options work correctly however attempting to save a flight causes the program to crash. I have been using flight sim since FS98 and never come across this kind of problem, can you help or point me in the right direction. I'm starting to get withdrawl symptons!Computer details: Alienware 3.6GHz P4, 1GB Ram,120GB HD, Radeon X800XT VGC.The power failure was caused by a known fault within the power supply and is being replaced.---------------------------------Obviously something drastic happened during the power failure that now has caused the FS9 software to become corrupted when its loaded. Perhaps I should also add that the computer has never been connected to the internet. Any advise will be much appreciated.Many thanks Mike

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