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How to intercept ILS!

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good evening dear all aviators!
I have a problem with the phenom 100, can't intercept ILS, I don't understand the right procedure to follow.
is there someone who can write the procedure to me step by step?


Note: I have already read the manual ... ... but without success! manuals for pleasure!

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This is a difficult aircraft to start learning ILS and approach with I think. Basically - as far as I have been able to determine, enter the ILS frequency for the runway you will be approaching in NAV1 (or 2, just be sure that's the active NAV radio). You should hear the morse code identifier.

Looking at a sectional map of the airport you'll see an elongated V shaped path extending out from the end of the runway(s) you selected to land on. 

If you fly into this area, with Flight Director and Auto Pilot enabled, AND the corresponding ILS NAV frequency set and active in the NAV computer,with the CDI button on the pilot MFD set to "ILS" --just PRESS the APR or Approach key on the AFCS Control Unit (the Autopilot buttons, APR is next to the Heading knob). The autopilot should take control and you'll see the jet bank to meet the center of the runway approach. NOTE - this example does NOT control throttle! I haven't learned that quite yet - so unless you know you'll need to control your speed. But this should bring you right to the runway. 


This is my own very crude, quick and dirty example - just figured out by trying. I am sure there are way better examples and actual pilots are groaning. :)

I have successfully captured the ILS and gone right down to the center line. I have yet to learn auto-throttle, FADEC and how the FMC acts on this aircraft. Carenado gives you precious little info with this jet. I think you can actually enter your flight plan into the FMC and the engines will completely control themselves from takeoff to landing but not sure that works yet.


Note it is much easier to accomplish and ILS approach with glideslope in a slower, much less advanced aircraft like the C152 with the glass Garmin upgrade, Using that I have managed numerous hands-off until flare landings at KSEA, etc. 


To really learn and enjoy this you just need to dive into ILS and how it works. I'm sure Google has tons of examples - invest in something like FSWidgets so you  can get good moving maps and sectionals or Foreflight etc. It adds hugely to the enjoyment and flight planning. You'll find ILS frequencies and approaches, departures on the maps and plates for each airport. 


The POH (thanks to Gregg for link):

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UPDATE - In the link posted to the POH, see "Automatic Flight" Section 6-03 for an excellent and complete walk through of the 100's ILS and automated flight procedures. This section is about halfway through the POH.

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