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Model SLI setup for Prepar3d 2.2

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Hi guys,


      After many tests and neurons lost, i arrived at the best setting for me. Bellow you have all the details. 


PC - i use only for Prepar3d 

-  i7 990x - Overclock to  4.2  - 6 cores - HT off

-  12 GB DDR3 1800 triple channel

-  GTX 690 4GB DDR5 512-bit

-  Monitor SAMSUNG 40" (very bad choice )

-  CDU II FMC  (10" monitor)

- SSD 500 GB + 2 X 120GB Raid, Windows 8.1 Pro UK OEM



Addon use :

- FTX Global & Vector

- MyTraffic X - use only for vpilot

- REX4 Texture direct

- MJC Dash Q400

- Airbus AEX 


Laptop HP , i3 M330 2.13 GHz , 6 GB i use for :

- Active Sky Next via simconect

FlightSim Commander via WideFS 

- Vpilot  via simconect 

- AFVA (air france virtual airline) acars via WideFS 




- i use AFR-FriendlyD3D.EXE  because it is designated for SLI setup. 

- i dont use  HDR to avoid getting an odd pulsing effect with AFR-Friendly

- i dont use Cloud Shadow Cast because it is unstable (getting FPS spikes)

- i use AM 63 but with this trick (http://forum.avsim.net/topic/442239-another-affinity-cores-trick/) - i have  core usage balanced for all 6 cores (70-85 %) 

- in AFR-FriendlyD3D.cfg  i added :  AM 63, TextureMaxLoad=9, FFTF=0.15 and SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT=30

- i have GPU Load - 25 - 60 % with  memory used 1450MB - 1920MB each card


       Right now everything works close to perfect for me (great FPS, smooth simulator - from depart to landing, stutters free). 


Ex : i fly with MJC Dash Q400 from Nice to Paris with average Frame Rate 51.3 frames per second. When fly with this all settings and  landing to LFPG with great FPS and smoothes, for me it is a dream come true...


All the best











Today is the most beautiful day of my life...

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