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737NGX Flaps and FSUIPC

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Ran into a bit of an interesting issue the other day. DVA has an ACARS utility that records flight data during the flight.  For quite a few flights, ACARS was reporting that I was taking off using Flaps 40 when I actually was using Flaps 1.  I did some ground tests and it seems the data for certain flaps positions gets goofed up by the time FSUIPC gets a chance to read the offsets.  FSUIPC is getting data from the NGX stating that some flaps positions (usually Flaps 10 and Flaps 30) are Flaps 40. The problem isn't apparent on the CS 757-200 I tested, so it appears to be a PMDG issue. Here's a copy/paste of the thread I had going with Pete Dowson on his support site.


Here is the Offset, Raw, and Calculated PMDG 737NGX data for various Flaps-related stuff in FSUIPC.  Screen shots were taken after the flaps had finished moving to their commanded position.  The flaps position dial in the upper right corner of the picture and the flaps handle provide confirmation that the displayed FSUIPC data corresponds to that particular flaps setting. The positions that were "wonky" on this test run were Flaps 10 and Flaps 30 (Flaps handle Index 4 and 7, respectively):


https://dl.dropboxus...044/Flaps 0.PNG

https://dl.dropboxus...044/Flaps 1.PNG

https://dl.dropboxus...044/Flaps 2.PNG

https://dl.dropboxus...044/Flaps 5.PNG

https://dl.dropboxus...44/Flaps 10.PNG

https://dl.dropboxus...44/Flaps 15.PNG

https://dl.dropboxus...44/Flaps 25.PNG

https://dl.dropboxus...44/Flaps 30.PNG

https://dl.dropboxus...44/Flaps 40.PNG


For reference, PMDG has the following angles listed in the comments for the aircraft.cfg file:


flaps-position.0= 0.000                  // pseudo-degrees
flaps-position.1= 8.888                  // 1
flaps-position.2=18.333                  // 2
flaps-position.3=25.000                  // 5
flaps-position.4=31.111                  // 10
flaps-position.5=33.333                  // 15
flaps-position.6=35.000                  // 25
flaps-position.7=36.666                  // 30
flaps-position.8=40.000                  // 40


Now I will do a similar test in the CaptainSim 757-200


EDIT: There was no "disconnect" between the flaps settings in the aircraft and the FSUIPC-reported flaps settings for the CS 757-200. So now I guess we're looking at this being a PMDG issue?



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