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A little flight story about weather (simulated)

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Guest gasebah

ActiveSky almost got me killed (simulated ...LOL). I still don't know what hit me. The C310 has prop-deicing but is not allowed to take off in known icing conditions nevertheless. I started a flight in Rome where I was for the weekend :-) to fly back to Germany via Venice. I took off in a minor thunderstorm with rain and snow. I had a heavy headwind of 25 knots and heavy turbulence during the climb. I decided to stay rather low at the 6200ft. ATC had assigned me to asI was expecting that the wind would even pick up at higher altitudes. I noticed that my ASI needle went lower and lower during climbout so I hit the de-icers. I picked up a little speed but not for long the de-icers are for the props only. No airfrane de-icing. I lowered the climbrate a little only to see that I was still slowing down. I checked the mixture but it was o.k. that is too automatic a task for me. After a while I had me IAS at 120knots! I pushed the props forward and also pushed the throttle to the red. Nothing happened. After a while I disconnected the AP, just in case. I just pulled the horn a litle bit when I heard the stall horn. I let go immediately and had no chance to hold my altitude. Quickly I glanced at the GPS. The next airport with a decent IFR approach was LIRS some 20 miles away. I changed my flightplan to LIRS. Not having a chart for this approach (NDB) and no glideslope available I carefully lowered altitude until I could see ground. I was way too high and did a go-around. Vis was IFR but not too bad. Meanwhile I was able to hold altitude at full throttle, carefully watching the engine temps.I was able to make a rough but safe landing.Still don't know what hit me. Guess the time has come to take weather in FS a litle more seriously.Hope you emjoyed the little read.Alex

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