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Orbx "newbie" type questions

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The current FSX installation I use was built up several years ago, and is based on UTX for Landclass (Europe, NA) and Ground Environment (several modules) for ground textures, and FS Global  2010 for terrain mesh.  Additionally, I have very few addon airports.


It's come time to re-do some things, both in hardware and software, this time with more of an emphasis on P3D (don't have yet), DCS, possibly Rise of Flight, and of course, still FSX.


As I rebuild an FSX installation, I'm going to want to move in to the world of ORBX instead of the ancient UTX/GEX/FSGlobal stuff.  I literally know nothing, Jon Snow, about Orbx. 


What of Orbx do I need to build up a better FSX environment than what I currently have, and also will I be able to install (on one license) into both FSX and P3D simultaneously?  Is replacing all of my UTX/GEX/Mesh modules as simple as getting a single copy of both Orbx FTX Global Base and Orbx FTX Vector, which I then can install in both FSX and eventually P3D?

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Is replacing all of my UTX/GEX/Mesh modules as simple as getting a single copy of both Orbx FTX Global Base and Orbx FTX Vector, which I then can install in both FSX and eventually P3D?


To get something similar you will need FTX Global, FTX Vector but also, quite important, the upcoming OpenLC products from Orbx. You could (and according to Orbx should) keep on using the FS Global 2010 mesh.


All mentioned Orbx products can be installed into FTX and P3D using the same license.


If this all results in a better looking sim is to the eye of the beholder. I personally like the FTX Global textures a lot more than any other similar product out there but the Vector product is still a bit of a mixed bag, although things have been improved with the latest update.


I personally only fly in FTX regions which are the best imho. Obviously they cover smaller regions but with a lot more detall and regional stuff. They have everything Global, Vector AND OpenLC offer plus a lot more (photoreal parts, updated airports, etc.) I do have FTX Global installed but mainly to make flying across the borders of FTX regions less annoying and also simply because I bought it already. If I had to start all over I would not buy FTX Global, Vector and OpenLC but only FTX regions. I do only fly GA however: if you are into airliners, the regions may be too small for you,

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