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Questions regarding the future of aFS for PC & current aFS on IOS?

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Hi guys,


First off let me explain that I am in no way hostile to nor do I wish to belittle aFS. I got it on a sale for $30 several years ago and I have always found it to be fun. A little closer to the game side than many of the flight sim products but always tons of fun. With the addition of a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti to my system some months ago I can set all graphics settings to max and include two layers of very realistic looking clouds and still get frame rates averaging around 125. With response like that it gets to be very fun indeed! :D


This aerofly FS 2.0 looks inviting but I'll worry about it when it looks to be more imminent.


I have recently added the MB339, F4U, & Duchess to my lineup and I find them very impressive not to mention fun to fly.


It appears that the IOS (iPhone & iPad) version has added more detail for Zurich and of course there are those other aircraft. Is there any talk of taking those things to the current PC & Mac versions?


Also I have managed to convince my wife that I really "need" a iPad Air 2 for Christmas so of course I am very interested in any feedback on the IOS version of aFS. Beyond the additional available aircraft and some detail at Zurich are there any other improvements like detail and any other airports or more intended aircraft? Is it flyable on a 9.7 inch screen with the controls provided?


I do have one negative comment but it isn't aimed at any form of aFS... I do not consider the fact that Steam is now selling and hosting aFS as a good thing. I very much enjoyed using Microsoft's MS Flight long past the time that MS stopped developing it. But there came a point where Steam ceased to care if or when MSF was available. Or so it appeared to me. It got to be a far too common thing that I'd bring up MSF only to find my purchased content unavailable for use. It sat unused on my system for a long while then I eventually removed it (and Steam along with it) to make more room for FSX, P3D, and ORBX scenery for them. MSF had it's flaws as all sims do but it was Steam's support or the lack thereof that killed my interest in it. Indeed I consider it a shame that MS & Lockheed-Martin didn't choose to employ some of MSF's design in P3D such as the aircraft selection process or the process for changing your location. I am pleased to say that my copy of aerofly FS is the DVD version and thankfully is not dependent on Steam. Obviously others have had better luck with Steam than I have and I hope they continue to find it a good experience for them but I have no interest in dealing with them in the future.


Any way I would very much appreciate any current info on the state of aFS for Windows and especially aFS for IOS.


Any and all information will be appreciated. :)


Thank you,


Tom Wunder


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Greetings Tom, and sorry for the exceedingly late reply to your post!

     aFS for Windoze seems to be expanding of late in the direction of 3rd party payware scenery.  There is supposed to be a Spitfire add-on, but I have yet to hear any further details other than it's in the works, so-to-speak.  I don't know much about the iOS version of aFS; can't be much help there, I'm afraid. 

    As for Steam, I wholeheartedly agree.  Not only have I had similar troubles with Steam and their "support", but I've experienced dismal tech support from the developers who integrate Steam into their games.  I simply refuse to buy any sims that require Steam.  Simple as that.  

     I wish I could be more help.  Hopefully there will be more activity on the aFS forum in the future.

Warmest Regards,


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