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Carenado Heading/VOR Bug Selection

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I have noticed this issue with a couple of Carenado birds, including the SR22, the Phenom 100 and the Piper Archer series. Whenever I try to tune the VORs to a specific radial, it only selects radials in increments of 10 degrees. Whenever I spin the bug for instance, and the aircraft loaded with the 105 radial selected, I can only tune 095 or 115 etc. I cannot tune a specific radial unless it happens to match up with the increment of 10. I see this on the heading indicator too. On the SR22 and the Phenom 100, the same issue exists, with the altitude bug only selecting altitudes by 1000ft, rather than in hundreds. Has anyone experienced this issue!? I have purchased a new mouse thinking it was the issue but I can't find any solution on the internet so far. Help!

Keep flying and BVT up.

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