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Non-Deletable Route Discontinuity at certain waypoints only

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Hi all,

i have a problem that many 737 pilots already head: ROUTE DISCONTINUITIES. I read a lot of stuff in the forums.

Here my special case:


I am standing at the gate in Hamburg, programming the route into the FMC.

The route starts as follows: BASUM DCT OSN DCT DOM...

OK. I inserted the Waypoint BASUM, OSN, DOM etc. in the FMCs ROUTE page.

Now i listen to ATIS and know what runway is activ. I want to add the SIDs waypoints into the FMC (because the departure route i wanna fly isn't in the database).

The route leads via HAM (NDB). In the vincinity also an VOR HAM exists.


I go to the legs page, insert HAM into they scratchpad, click onthe the LSK 2L (OSN is displayed there and i want HAM before OSN. Discontinuities appear now between BASUM und HAM, and between HAM and OSN. I can delete the latter, but not the first.


If i use the HAM VOR instead als waypoint, then both discos can be deleted.


Has anybody an idea?


BTW i have the same problem when programming the sequence LBE - "yet another waypoint - LBE. Discos are added in beween "yet another waypoint" and the second LBE. THe cannot be deleted. I fly the level-d 767 since years and never had this problem.


Thanks in advance


I tested another thing:

I added a waypoint KBO between BASUM and HAM and the DISCO disappears. Now i delete KBO again (by lineselecting HAM and putting it into the KBO line), the DISCO is back again :-(

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