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Prob with nvxdsync.exe "Nvidia User Experience Driver Component"

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I was experimenting with some Nvidia drivers.  I uninstalled and reinstalled several times, and did so in the proper way.  After uninstalling from control panel, I also booted into safe mode and ran Display Driver Uninstaller utility just to be safe.  I did this a couple of times and everything installed as it should.


Unfortunately, the last time, something must have gotten messed up in the Windows Registry.


Even though I only ever install the Nvidia Display Driver and PhysX, and not Nvidia User Experience, there is this component called nvxdsync.exe, the Nvidia User Experience Driver Component, that wants to start up with Windows.  This is apparently an essential component that needs to be there, regardless of whether the user chose to install the "Nvidia User Experience Driver".


The problem I'm now having is that instead of starting up normally on startup, this nvxdync.exe process appears in the tray and hangs there.  It appears to be running in the windows process manager, but it clearly is a zombie.  If you go to start the Nvidia Control panel, it won't start, because it needs that process.  I looked all over the web to find a solution to this, and though I found that other people have had the exact same problem, I could not find a solution that worked.  Obviously, I uninstalled the drivers again, tried rolling forward and backward, tried CC Cleaner, and still nothing will make this program start successfully when I boot up.  I looked to see if this process appeared in msconfig, and in services.msi, and found no reference to it.  I searched on nvxdsync.exe in the registry, and it appears, but I don't know what I'm looking at.  The .exe lives in C:\Program Files\Nvidia Corporation\Display


I found a workaround that enables me to start Control Panel.  If I go to the process manager with ctrl shift escape and manually kill the nvxdsync.exe process, and then click on the Nvidia Control panel icon to start it, the nvxdsync.exe will automatically restart successfully, and Nvidia Control panel will function normally.


I am no good at playing around in the registry, but I have exhausted just about everything else.  I need help to figure out what is corrupt.  Why does this nvxdsync.exe start up unsuccessfully when Windows loads?

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Maybe my explanation was too long winded.


Can someone with an Nvidia card, and who knows their way around the Windows registry, find out what the relevant entry is that causes the process nvxdsync.exe to start automatically when Windows starts?  If I knew what to look for, if a key is missing or incorrect, then I might be able to go from there.

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