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A few problems/questions

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I've flown the Hawker 850XP a few times now and overall I like it.  But I have a few questions:



When I set the alt using the "alt" knob and then ascend using FLC mode, the aircraft climbs to my preset altitude and holds there.   No problem.


When I descend using VS mode (@1500fpm) the plane blows right through the preset altitude and I have to manually push the alt hold button to get to the correct altitude I've preset.  I don't know if this is a glitch or it's supposed to work this way.





Regarding power settings while at cruise altitude, say at FL360, is there a specific N1 setting to use?   It seems that 96 or 97 percent works with this A/C but I don't know if this is correct.   I've looked through the available documentation but didn't come across any info. regarding this issue.



Another Question:


With the Flight 1 Mustang with the G1000 you can set the FMS to fly directly to a waypoint from your current position  If, for example, ATC gives you a hdg on takeoff that doesn't comply with the course set in the FMS (which is common with Radar Contact 4.3)   you can have the FMS  calculate a new course line to get you to your next waypoint using the "Direct To" function.  You can then set your AP to "nav" and the plane will fly the amended course to the waypoint while retaining your original flight plan.    


There doesn't seem to be a way to fly direct to a waypoint using the FMS in the Hawker unless  you're on the original flight plan course set in the FMS.


Thanks for any information

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