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Two items for V3 installers

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I spent last evening carrying out a virgin P3D V3 Professional installation for my neighbour - he didn't want to listen to my advice to wait as he's undertaking flying lessons and wants some hands-on time with the sim concurrent with his real flying.


Installation was clean and simple, with a couple of issues that I thought might benefit others:


1: After installing in the default folder location under Win 7 64-bit

C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3

we had a problem when making assignments to controllers - kept getting a bunch of errors every time we tried to confirm changes. Traced to needing to manually edit the P3D administrator level even though the basic folder already has full admin rights. Right click on Prepar3D. exe - Properties - Compatiblity - check box ` run this program as an administrator. `

We had installed setup.exe `as administrator` but clearly this is a manual amend required on this platform.


2: As soon as the sim loads, SAVE the initial display configuration as `Basic`, or `Startpoint` so you can quickly restore a group of settings. I suggest this because we did see a couple of display setting changes that didn't `take` on the first try, if you tried to make too many at one go, so get into the habit of `make change, save change in settings` as you go - call it `Working` and overwrite, elsewise you might have a frustrating time.


He seems pretty pleased with the results, although I have to say it looked a bit basic to me after 2.5 with shedloads of addons, but we were both completely underwhelmed by Speedtrees, and he also thinks Avatar man is a pointless addition right now - you cant get past the invisible wall to actually interact with the aircraft, but he's coming to it from FSX and A2A preflight, so who knows what it might lead to. I left him installing his A2A 172 (fresh purchase of the P3D edition, so hopefully that installs without any problems). 

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Concerning 1: 90% of the P3D users will advice to NOT install P3D to it's default path in Program Files (x86). Bad practice, as you've noticed now. It can be solved but it's better to prevent those problems and you never know what more problems it may lead to if you keep that default path. So best advice is to change the location to somewhere else. I personally NEVER install anything in the Program Files folders if I have the option.


Concerning 2. Good advice. I never had settings that didn't take but it happened often that in the flow of it all I changed more settings that I could remember and then it could take some time to restore things: I also always save my settings and try not to change more than one or two things before saving it again.


Concerning the A2A 172: it's the P3D edition indeed but it's not officially v3 compatible yet. Only v2. So there is a big chance he will call you again soon to help solve some more problems. A2A announced the release of v3 compatible installers today btw: they will be here soon (days?) and free of charge (great!).


Finally: does your neighbour still has FSX on his PC? In order to use A2A planes you need SimConnect to be installed and P3D v3 doesn't install it automatically. If your neighbour does manage to install the plane but gets really very weird problems (like everything in the hangar being broken and not fixable) install SimSonnect SP2 from this folder:


Prepar3D v3/redist/Interface/FSX-SP2-XPACK/retail/lib/SimConnect.msi

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Jeroen, I'm not helping him any further past what I've already done. I advised him to wait, he chose to ignore that advice.


I was happy to help him get it installed, but he understands that he's on his own - I referred him to A2A and Avsim for further assistance but he's not a simmer, he's a trainee pilot who got into P3D after seeing the clubs desktop trainer, wants some family familiarity - but bought v3 without checking the club unit is running 2.5.


An easy mistake to make and something else L-M really ought to address with revised `packaging` and clearer delineation. That's why I offered to help as he's some distance from me even as a `neighbour`. 


He does still have FSX on his system (he told me he didn't, but he'd only deleted the desktop icon !)  so simconnect was already installed.


Good advice re installing Simconnect though, for first-time users.

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Aaaah, ok, clear. Nice of you to assist him this far then. LOL he deleted the desktop item...! Hahaha!

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