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super guppy model missing large sections

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Hey guys,


I've been a long time Wilco fan and just purchased (finally) the superguppy deluxe edition.  When I go to load the aircraft in the free-flight window, All I see are parts of the interior model, the wings and engine shells.  It's like a good half or more of the actual model just isn't there. This isn't a texture problem, this is a model problem. 


When I fire it up in the sim, the engines are on and I can select the MFD and get the 2-D version to display.  The gauges are showing just fine.  But then there are more parts completely missing, like the throttle and trim wheel.  They're just not there.


Most bizarre thing I've ever seen in FSX.


I'm on Windows 7 64.  FSX + SP2.  The good old original from 2006, not steam edition.  UAC is off as is Windows Defender.  I don't run any anti-virus.  Install goes fine and it likes my reg code.  I do see a DOS box pop up right after the install, but I have no idea what it's trying to do.  (Does this have anything to do with "unlocking" things?) 


Exterior mdl files are present under simobjects and the aricraft.cfg looks normal.  I got prompted to allow the new gauges first time I fired it up and that went well..


Just totally wierd that most of the model just won't load.


For baseline, I have CS and Milviz add-ons installed and they come up just fine.  So this is specific to the Wilco bird.  I also have the iFly 737 installed and it's working fine as well.


Anybody have any ideas at all?  I'm totally stumped here.


-Mike Lawrence

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