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A few oddities and a feature request

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Win 7 64bit, XPlane 10.45, Mooney 3.2 (applies to 2.1 too), before and after a complete Win+XP fresh install.



Is there no speedlimit for gear and flap extraction or doesn't it work in my case? I can speed up to the yellow arch and operate them and I get no failures, they work visually and they also do their job while landing after the testflight. If I fly wildly (without flaps and gear), I get structure over-g (or something like that) and the plane breaks so obviously it knows when to give up - at least on that case. Also the settings in X-Plane should be ok because for example the stock Cessna fails the flaps if overspeeding.


The autopilot ALT, I don't get it. If I press ALT, maybe once in 20 tries I get the current altitude on the AP display and it will hold it (that's the way I understand it should work). Usually the ALT button just lights up and and I can more or less keep the altitude by setting v/s to 000, yet it doesn't hold the altitude as accurately as when it does when I get the correct alitude reading in the AP display. Something wrong with it or is it just me? Doesn't matter if I press AP+ALT or only ALT (which also lights up the AP).



The feature request. From what I've read, many Mooneys have speedbrakes installed, maybe we could have some too?


Other than these things, I think it's the best thing for me at this time. Learned the basics with the stock Cessna, now I've had the Mooney for a few months and the PC-12 will be up next when I think I've done with this.

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